Thought Patterns

Two skills I have been working on are the skill of remembering and the skill of forgetting. With technology, we routinely delete old messages, photos, and files to free up space for new things that are potentially more valuable/positive. It seems like the rational thing to do, once you receive the “disk is full message” or you are no longer able to download a podcast or take a picture because there is no more memory on the cell phone. So what do you do? You go through the folders and you do some “spring cleaning” or more like “purging” of things that were once important to you.

I am making an effort to train myself to not spend too much time thinking about things that are not productive or positive to my human experience. I am learning to forget, which is a skill that can be cultivated. Once you are at peace with memories, or decisions passed it is irrational to spend your days worried or stressed about them. If you don’t need the file, make peace with it, be kind to yourself, and forget it. 

Similarly, I have been trying to improve my memory. This mostly comes in the form of simple interpersonal interactions. When I meet someone for the first time, I find it helps to immediately start using his or her name in the conversation. It seems to help quickly condition my brain to connect human with the word.

In either case, forgetting and remembering are both valuable tools in your toolbox. They are skills that can be cultivated.