Rational Optimist

I identify as a rational optimist. I am not sure that it is inherent. I think it is a choice. This means I intentionally choose to be optimistic because I believe that the mindset of working towards what is optimal is more conducive to positive outcomes than the opposite. Rational optimist means believing that things will work out because you are committed to doing what you can to augment your reality. Things don’t always work out. That’s fine. Things are temporary. Over the long-term, we will learn to carry on. Go back to the drawing board. 

As a rational optimist, I am sometimes said to be a dreamer. I think that is part and parcel of the approach. But a dreamer isn’t even that closely tied to the act of ‘dreaming’. Rarely do I experience dreams, that I can remember, that involve goals or scenarios that I am interested in achieving. Most dreams I have are just strange stories that my brain tells itself for entertainment purposes, while my body is recreating itself for 8 hours each day. I do think it is fascinating, the stories we tell ourselves at night. It is curious what that imagination can do when it is set free, or simply bored. Most dreams, which are associated with future goals or experiences, occur in my mind's eye when I am awake. So maybe I am a daydreamer? 

For this reason, it could be more appropriate to say that, as a rational optimist, I am goal oriented rather than a dreamer. Together we can set actionable milestones, and collectively work to achieve said milestones. I will choose to be optimistic because I think it is more productive. It feels better too.

I think life is too short to spend your days being overly cynical or always negative. Those folks aren't fun to co-exist with either. Today is a gift. I am trying to train myself to use that mantra more.