I have spent hundreds of hours of my life with people that, at face value, I have nothing in common with. My age, birth country, ethnicity, culture, sex, and stature, would prove to be vastly different than the folks that I seem to past the time with. Adding up all the differences is not enough to make up for the one commonality that we share, which is the enduring desire to seek adventure.

I have built genuine human connections with individuals I am vastly different from. This has been impactful for me, as the diversification of my perspectives have been shaped via the various mentorships I have been lucky enough to experience. These relationships have changed me. The elusive pursuit of adventure is a strong enough link to forge human relationships that are as odd and irregular as they are robust and unwavering.

Together your confidence and perception for what is possible compounds, and your collective unrest dilutes. Teamwork and partnership contribute to a bonded reciprocity that is required when individuals work together to overcome difficult feats. Bonded reciprocity is the source of mutual respect. The respect others have or don’t have for you drives your reputation. Accomplishing hard things with others is the fastest and most effective way to forge strong human relationships.

There will be times when people are brought into your life for the sole purpose of teaching you something. Although they know nothing about you, often they possess the great talent for teaching you things about yourself. For a brief moment in our lives people appear, and they burn brightly, and provide the warmth and comfort we need. This type of thing can take many forms. It could mean helping us get over something, or tilting our perspective of our own narratives. While you may perceive that these interactions are a one-way transaction, I would argue the contrary. For what is the knowledge holder, if not having someone to pass the knowledge onto? We are all simply a product of mentorship. Although, it’s not always clear when we are the one mentoring someone else.

When you look back on previous human relationships, that once were, that are no longer, you gain an understanding of this at play. Those people, who they were in that moment of time, they taught you things. Our peers contribute and shape who we are.

Life is a series of relationships, which teach you things about yourself, then you die. If you are lucky, along the way, you discover things you love and you get to do them. If you show kindness, you will have an enduring impact on others. This is legacy, this is what we all long to achieve.

There is a causal relationship between your perceived quality of life and the quality of human relationships you invest yourself into. You will live a more fulfilling life if you are able to share your experiences with others in a meaningful way. There is an adage that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. I believe this to be true. It is important you choose wisely, who and what you invest yourself into.