Reading and Writing

Reading helps me connect with some of this worlds greatest minds. When I read the words of others, I hear their voice in my head. If I do not know the sound of their voice, I imagine what they may sound like. These voices guide me, and they are there for me when I need them. Some of my most intense mentorships are with individuals, which I have never met. With this in mind, I view reading books as a simple and reliable method of self-care when I need it most. Books are an incredible resource. The words on paper help me hear the voices I need. The voices I need help me learn from the trials and tribulations of others. The wisdom passed on to me via books is distilled from those who are much more gifted than I. 

Writing helps me understand what I feel. When you are forced to put pen to paper and tease out the words that describe your stance on a thing, it helps you define what you believe and why. I write when I feel good, and I write when I feel bad. I often revisit and reflect on the words, and they help me understand things about myself.