Innovation calls for creative minds

Innovation is about making changes to the way things have been done, with the intention to improve things for the future. There is something inherently human about innovation, as most often what we ‘humans’ are working to innovate will be seen as just a stepping stone for future innovation. Things are not the way that they are because of anything I have done or anything you have done, it was like this when we showed up!

 While it may be true that most innovation is created to ‘scratch one’s itch’, solving little problems often leads to solving bigger problems. The little things add up to the big things. With this notion, ‘brain-power’ of the human species is cumulative. Due to recorded history, and the advent of the internet we can continue to build, grow, and improve. Yesterday’s solutions help us arrive at tomorrow’s innovation. We are standing on the shoulders of the creative minds of the past. Innovation from centuries ago, paved the way for the way things are done today. By learning from the trials and tribulations of others, we are put in a position to go further.

If creativity is the heart, innovation is what fills the arteries that pushes the human body and race forward. Without creativity, there is no innovation. Without the heart there is nothing pumping through our arteries. Through technology and innovation, humans continue to redefine what is and is not impossible. It seems, at the rate we are going, the question is simply  “how much cumulative brain-power is required to solve todays big problem”

How many more generations until the human race is a multi-planet species?

How long till we transition completely to the usage of sustainable energy sources?

When will the human race stop killing one another over religion? When will we learn?

These are big questions, but as previously described big problems are solved by doing the little things right. Momentum is generated through creatively solving little problems, which over time add up to solving the big questions.

Based on this notion, it is important to proactively engage in activities that cultivate your creativity. School will not do this for you. In fact, school will do the opposite. Students are taught that there is one right answer, which is found at the back of the book. In life, there is not only one right answer. In life, done is better than perfect. There is more than one way to arrive at a solution. There are multiple ways to get things done. And, what about the answers to the big questions? There are no answers at the back of the book. Big problems need to be solved with creativity.

Therefore it is important to proactively engage in answering questions that require creative solutions. If you don’t use it, you lose it. Creativity is not finite, you will not run out. In fact, I would argue the opposite. Creativity, along with your ability to generate innovative solutions builds and grows stronger the more you use it.

So lay the foundation for tomorrow’s innovation by exercising your creative mind today.