Consistency is what lies between you and accomplishing something remarkable. The life cycle of doing remarkable work is something like this… you must start, work really hard consistently, and good things happen. Before you accomplish something difficult, it can feel impossible, daunting, and like a lost cause. After you have accomplished something, you often feel a sigh of relief and a realization that it wasn’t so hard after all.

Wherever you go, you are travelling down a path. Often we are following in the footsteps of others down a well-worn path, this path has been broken in and hardened by the many footsteps that had come before you. Sometimes we, knowingly or unknowingly trail blaze. In this case, we are making our own path. This is special. Consistency is the way you can trail blaze a path that many others will look to and follow in the future. Pick what you want to do, work really hard consistently and you will find that it will no longer be just you on the path that you have created. Many will follow behind you; this is how you know you are making a formidable impact.