On Community

I have had the privilege of living in a few different northern, remote communities in Canada.  One characteristic that seems to remain consistent in places across the north is the strong sense of community. People treat you how they want to be treated.

I have experienced inclusion, which makes me feel at home. 

It was expressed that while eating polar bear is common in Nunavut, none of my peers had tried black bear. Having lived in a community prior where black bear was common, I decided to try and track down some to share. I reached out to a community member from a territory I had previously lived in, and before long, there was black bear on its way to Nunavut.

I told the man, I’d cover the cost of the meat and the shipping. Name a price, I said, and I’ll send the money as soon as possible. Below is his response:

“I can’t accept money, food, in our culture, is meant be shared. It is meant to bring people together.”

This quickly reminded me what community means. His gesture was anonymous. It is this type of selfless kindness that builds strong communities.

Remember to share things, because it will make life more fulfilling.