If it scares you, do it.

This is the most effective trigger, I have found, to push the envelope. There are many types of feelings that we experience that can present themselves as fear. Fear is often disguised as nerves, anxiety, laziness, and or self-consciousness. 

Fear comes in two forms, which are rational and irrational. Rational fear is a survival mechanism that has allowed us to avoid real danger and develop as a species for millions of years. In contrast, irrational fears provide a daily excuse for you to remain in your comfort zone and not push forward. As a screening test, ask yourself if what you fear will result in a high likelihood of an irreversible negative outcome. For example, if you step in front of oncoming traffic on the highway, there is a high likelihood of an irreversible negative outcome. Yet, if you feel fear about having a conservation with someone, this situation will not result in a high likelihood of an irreversible negative outcome.

Give yourself permission to feel fear. Get comfortable with it, and explore its roots.

Fear is common. Embracing the feeling, exploring it, and stepping out of your comfort zone is uncommon, and uncomfortable.

When you feel fear, first ask yourself if it is rational or irrational fear that is surfacing. Once you have identified that it is an irrational fear, proceed to lean into the situation. Use fear as a mechanism, as a telltale sign that you need to pay close attention to the fork in the road that you are approaching. I say lean in and take the path that scares you because this is how you will ensure that you are continuing along a path that will challenge, and change you for the better. In fact, it is one of the only ways I know how to ensure these themes remain a priority.

This notion was first introduced to me in the link below. It has changed the way I operate and arrive at decisions.